Unit 3:

What is Readable Out of a Text?:

Defining Reading Outcomes

The activities in this unit will explain:
     -what kinds of outcomes are possible: what can a text be read for?
     -how the Standards call for a variety of tasks and reading

Structure of Unit:
     -Introduction: Reading Outcomes and the Standards
     -sample texts with self-tutorial on reading outcomes
     -open-ended exercises: specifying outcomes on the basis of texts
     -review:  how a text can be made readable
     -review: reading outcomes and curricular goals

Introduction to Unit 3: Reading Goals and the Standards
--Communications Standards
--Connections Standards
--Culture Standards
--Comparisons Standards
--Communities Standards

Introduction to Exercises: Tying Texts to Standards
--Grade 4: Links to Standards
--Grade 8: Links to Standards
--Grade 12: Links to Standards
Exercise 1 Introduction: Linking Goals to Standards
--Exercise 1, Task 1: Texts and Standards, Grade 8
Exercise 1, Task 2: Texts and Standards, Grade 12
Exercise 1, Task 3: Texts and Standards, Grade 4

Exercise 2: Creating Activities
--Exercise 2, Example 1: Grade 12
--Exercise 2, Example 2: Grade 8
--Exercise 2, Example 3: Grade 4

Unit 3 Review: What is Readable?

Review: Part 1