Exercise 1: Task 3

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Student Population: Grade 4 with about an hour and a half weekly total exposure to German Text: "Der SZ Wetterbericht"

Task 3:

Student Assignment: The class sees an overhead transparency of the map "Heute, 1. April (Mittag)" and compares it with a US weather map from USA Today or a regional newspaper. They procede to identify countries for the various capitals. The teacher writes the German names for these countries on the board.

Outcome: Students note the European perspective of the German map (the product of national practices in reporting weather) as contrasted with the national map of the United States (we rarely include Mexico, only occasionally Canada). That perspective may, optionally, be re-inforced with a German language geography lesson.

HINTS ABOUT TASK 3 and the Standards

TOPIC: What standard or standards does this task fulfill?  What kind of learning is taking place using this reading text?

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