Unit 6

Phase 3: Comprehending the Text

The activities in this Unit will explain:

-how text comprehension means comprehending a microcosm
-why text comprehension means comprehending that microcosm as coherent
-how text comprehension activities act as guides for all five Standards

Structure of Unit:

-introduction to what it means to comprehend a text
     through activities
-examples of Grade 8 and Grade 12 comprehension exercises
-brainstorming on level-appropriate activities and the Standards
-hints on developing level-appropriate activities

Introduction to Phase 3
--Standards and Cognitive Difficulty
--Standards and Linguistic Difficulty
Communication Standards
Connections Standards
Culture Standards
Comparison and Communities Standards
--Standards and their Role in a Curricular Sequence

Introduction to Exercises: Using the Standards to Create Assignments
Comprehension Activities: Grade 8: Exs. A & B
Comprehension Activities: Grade 12: Exs. A & B