Christopher Todd McDougall





“Drought, drought, go away”

West Africa , 20 February 1984


            The Vice President of Gambia said “Take it from me that the situation we are faced with is unprecedented…the majority of the rural population of 550,000 are now exposed to serious risk of famine…we therefore continue to hope that help will indeed eventually come our way.”  The Gambian government is not hiding from the truth and is being open about their situation.  The 1983 drought caused immense destruction to food crops.  The government put up a drought relief fund to receive local donations to provide immediate relief to the farming community.  The farmers are the bread winners of the country and therefore need to stand up for themselves.  Due to the drought of 1983 a 50 percent decrease in food production occurred.  The situation is made worse by the main cash crop groundnuts failing.  The decrease in production leads to a decline in the farmer’s purchasing power.   The government’s hope that help will eventually come their way before greater havoc is done to the rural communities of Africa.  The United States along with other countries need to come together to all help aid these problems in Africa.  We can’t let hundreds of thousands of people die because of their economic and climate situation.