More Fighting Brings Hunger to Sudan

The New York Times, Oct. 3, 1988

By Jane Perlez


Main Point:  Sudanese civil war, which is threatening two million people with starvation, is escalating.  Both the Sudanese government, a strong U.S. ally, and rebels are accused of using food as weapon against their own people.


Summary:  Sudanese government releases news that it has been pushed out of a southern town near the provincial capital of Juba.  The rebels, which are Christian, are fighting to end dominance by the Islamic government.  Recently the rebels attacked a U.N. food convoy killing nine U.N. drivers and stealing 200 tons of grain.

            The Government doesn’t want to aid the southern region because they feel food will be diverted to guerrillas for their own forces.  There is threat of mass starvation in the south where two million people are in danger of dying.

            Talks between rebels, the Sudanese Government, and Red Cross cannot come to agreement on getting food delivered to region.


Summary by W. Davis