Mark Connally


3. Jane Perlez, "Rebels in Ethiopia Claim Capture of Red Sea Port," the New York Times, February 11, 1990.

The Main Point and Summary

After 29 years of civil wars, the rebels have taken control of the Red Sea port, and "The entrie town is under the control of the E.P.L.F. (a rebel group)." The Ethiopian armed forces were helping to fight another rebel group of the north, the Tigrean rebels, while the Eritrean rebels attacked the and took control, taking the government by total surprise.

A last Supply Line

The rebels now control Massawa, a road linking Asmara to other Government-held towns stalling the shipping of food, fuel, and other supplies to the millionís of inhabitants in Eritrea. This plan poses a problem to the UN to provide food to the people in need, and has dimmed the hope of solving this problem through renewed peace talks.