Mark Connally

Article Summaries-2

1. Jane Perlex, "Trying to Bolster Non-Arabs Israil Widens Aid to Ethiopia," The New York Times, February 7, 1990.

The Main Point

The main point of this article is debating whether or not Israel should help Ethieopia protect its presence in the Red Sea, the last non-Arab presence. In the Ethopian civil war there are the Eritreans, who are not Arabs, but are rebels who would like to take control over the sea and name it the Arab Sea. This article is trying to figure out if it is worth the help to save Ethieopia from itís rebels.

The Summary

The Ethiopian government needs to be supported in its fight to keep the Red Sea, the Red Sea instead of the Arab Sea. These rebels arenít Arabs, but fight for the Arabs, and have their support. Since the Ethiopians have the support of Israel, the rebels are looking for and getting support from radical Arab countries.

U.S. View Differs from Israelís

The United States views the Ethiopian Gov. as a falling institute, and it isnít worth prolonging the crash, while Israeli officials say all that you have to do to convince yourself to help is to look at the map. Red Sea or Arab Sea, thatís reason enough, the entire sea would be under Arab influence.

Helping Christians Kill Christians

It was said that Israel supplied Ethiopia bombs that were used to stop a rebellion of the Tigre Peoples Liberation Front (Christian Ethiopians that cooperate with Eritrean rebels), meaning that they were killing their own people. The Israeliís are also supposed to be supplying Ethiopians with uzis, to support their battle efforts along with sending troops.

A History of Cooperation

Israel has aided Ethiopia before in 1973 in its efforts to prevent the Muslim tide. After that they broke ties, but when Ethiopia was invaded in 1977 by Somalia, Israel supplied assistance once again. Israel helps Ethiopia militarily and politically.