Hundreds of Villagers Reported Slain in Sudan

The New York Times, January 7, 1990.


Summary:  This is a short article that exemplifies the terror that the Sudanese government has inflicted on their people.   The Sudanese government has ordered the use of Arab militias on the Sudanese tribesmen.  It is estimated between 300 and 1500 have been killed.  The militias are the army that backs the Khartoum governments.   The opposing black tribesmen are armed by only knives and spears.    The return of the Arab militias on the countryside marks the resurgence of a new militarily Islamic approach on part of the Bashir Government.   They have vowed to destroy anyone who stands in their way.  The United States government has been unsuccessful with peace talks and will soon discontinue all aid to the Sudanese government.


Summary by Shaun Hillin