Aaron Zaidel

Summary of A. Deming et al. “Israel: An Exodus from Ethiopia,” Newsweek, Jan 14, 1985


            This article talks about how many Falashas, a group of Ethiopian jews, were rescued by Israel from horrible conditions in their home country.  The Falashas hiked for days in the mountains to Sudan, where they were air lifted to Israel.  When they arrived, the Falashas were starved and many were suffering from parasitic diseases.  Some of the refugees were sent directly to the hospital while others were placed in absorption centers in order to prepare them for life the modern world.   

            The story was supposed to remain a secret because of the fear that the regime in Ethiopia or Sudan would try to stop the rescue effort.  An unconfirmed news report in the article claimed that the Sudanese government was turning their heads the other way in exchange for money and weapons.  The Ethiopian government responded to the airlift by calling it a “sinister operation,” and warned Sudan to halt the “illegal trafficking” of Ethiopians to Israel.