Lawrence Bong




Aid shipments for Ethiopia could resume," Daily Texan October 29, 1987




Main Idea:


U.N. relief aid shipments have difficulty reaching millions of needing starving Ethiopians. 




The Eritrean People’s Liberation Front is fighting a civil war with the Ethiopian military.  U.N. relief shipments have met opposition by this group and have temporarily been stopped.  The head of U.N. relief operations, Michael Priestley, has decided to resume shipments within a week to northern Ethiopia despite warnings from rebels.  Rebels offered safe passage of shipments in return for notice before agencies made shipments.  The U.N rejected this offer and is not willing to negotiate.  An emergency shipment was seized and contained 450 metric tons of wheat which was enough to feed 35,000 to 40,000 people for a month.  Rebels stated that 3 trucks were carrying bullets, bombs and fuel to the Ethiopian army.  The 23 years of ongoing fighting has contributed to the food problem among the 46 million starving Ethiopian citizens.  The Eritrean People’s Liberation threatens consequences against any activities without informing the EPLF first.