“Drought and Famine",

 African Research Bulletin (Economic Series) V. 24, N. 8, September 30, 1987, pp. 8816-7.


            This article explains the different types and amounts of aid that have been authorized by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization to be sent to different sub-Sahara Africa nations through the World Food Programme.  The reason for the aid is renewed drought and huge influxes of war refugees in several nations.  Angola, Zambia, Somalia, and Zimbabwe are receiving aid, with Somalia receiving the most aid.

            Officials in Ethiopia are trying to prevent another famine there, possibly worse than the one in 1984-1985.  The Ethiopian government has requested 200,000 tons of food by the end of the year.  Officials are hoping to feed people in their home regions and prevent migrations to famine camps.  


Summary by Brian Bodine