Leon Bodevin

Economics 357

March 8, 2002


Somalias Refugee Crisis, Africa Research Bulletin, Vol. 23, #4, May 31, 1986

Fifty-two thousands Ethiopian refugees who have fled to Somalia to escape Ethiopias villagisation program are in danger of dying from disease. These 52,000 refugees are crowded in a small camp in Somalia. With the upcoming rains, many fear that the refugees will fall victim to cholera or other diseases. Ethiopians are already said to be dying at a rate of 15 per day because of the conditions in the camps. With the upcoming rains, it is also likely that food supplies could be cut off to the camps.

But the Somali government refuses to let the Ethiopians move any further from the border than they already are. The Somali government fears that by letting in the refugees, many more Ethiopians will follow.