Leon Bodevin

Economics 357

March 8, 2002

“Aid Agency Pulls Out,” Africa Research Bulletin, Vol. 23, #4, May 31, 1986

World Vision, a large agency working to relieve the poverty in Ethiopia, has been forced to leave the Tigre province of Ethiopia due to increased threats by anti-government guerillas.  A World Vision residence compound was attacked by the guerrillas and two members of the staff (both Ethiopians) were killed. A spokesman for the agency laments that World Vision must leave the province, but he admits that he can no longer secure the safety of the staff.

The Tigre province in Ethiopia suffered from severe drought in 1984 and 1985.  This province is also the centre of resistance for the anti-government group Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Also at issue was a 51 ton shipment of medical supplies, which the Ethiopian government confiscated by gunpoint on May 6.  The shipment was destined for Sudan and was part of a relief effort from Band Aid, a relief agency started by Irish rock star Bob Geldof.   Geldof has halted all future aid until the issue is resolved.