Supervised M.A.Theses & Ph.D Dissertations (Completed)

Rie Jaeryong, Polish Economic Reform: A Class Analysis, Ph.D. Dissertation. The full text of the original proposal is available online.

Lee Sang-rack, Schumpter on the Business Cycle: A Political Reading, Ph.D. Dissertation.

Byrt Manfred Wammack, Reading the Calligram: Informal Space and the Urban Economy, Ph.D. Dissertation.

Karen Palazini, Women's Work in Bahia, Brazil: Marginalization or Alternative Development, Ph.D. Dissertation.

Massimo De Angelis, Social Antagonism and Economics: a Reformulation of the Radical Critique of Keynesianism, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1995.

Conrad Herold, Working Class Struggle and the Brazilian Debt Crisis, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1994.

Cho Won-Ho, Controversies over the Nature of the Soviet Economic System, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1994.

Ghassan Labib Dibeh, Essays in Business Cycle Theory, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1994.

Margarita Perez Garza, The Antinuclear Power Movement and the Crisis of the U.S. Nuclear Power Industry, 1953-1989, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1990.

Nathan Dudley, Worker Struggle and Wage Compression: The Rise and Fall of Indexation in Brazil, M.A. Thesis, 1988.

Choi Young-ki, Alienation, Class Struggle and the Labor Theory of Value, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1988.

Vivienne Lee Bennett, Urban Water Services and Social Conflict: The Water Crisis in Monterrey, Mexico, 1973-1985, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1987. Subsequently published as Vivienne Lee Bennett,The Politics of Water: Urban Protest, Gender and Power in Monterrey, Mexico, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995. (ISBN:0-8229-3908-8)

Ricardo D. Salvatore, Class Struggle and International Trade: Rio de la Plata's Commerce and the Atlantic Proletariat, 1790-1850, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1987. (J.Brown, co-chair)

Conrad Herold, Class Struggle in Lima, 1919: Class Composition and Jose Carlos Mariategui, M.A. Thesis, 1987.

James H. Johnson, Worker-State Conflict in Revolutionary Nicaragua: A Marxist Critique, M.A. Thesis, 1986.

Joseph M. Ricciardi, Essays on the Role of Money and Finance in Economic Development, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1985.

Solomon Izielen Agbon, Class Struggle and Economic Development in Nigeria: 1900-1980, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1985.

Peter M. Cox, Challenging the U.S. Government's Refugee Policy of Distinguishing between Economic and Political Refugees: The Case of Undocumented Salvadorans, M.A. Thesis, 1985.

Ann Lucas de Rouffignac, The Contemporary Peasantry in Mexico: A Class Analysis, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1982. Subsequently published by Praeger with the same title in 1985. (ISBN:0-03-071868-6)

Devon Gerard Peña, The Class Politics of Abstract Labor: Organizatinal Forms and Industrial Relations in the Mexican Maquiladores, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1983. Revised and published as: Devon Peña, The Terror of the Machine:Technology, Work, Gender and Ecology on the U.S. Mexicao Border, Austin:CMAS Books, 1997. (ISBN: 0-292-76562-2 pbk)

Estevan Tim Flores, Post-bracero Undocumented Mexican Immigration to the United States and Political Recomposition, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1982.

Ronnie J. Phillips, Global Austerity: The Evolution of the Intenational Monetary System and World Capitalist Development, 1945-1978, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1980. (Ed Hewett, co-chair)

Timothy Jay Renolds, The Food Stamp Explosion, M.A. Thesis, 1980.

Chip C. Carriapa, The Political Origins of Neoclassical Economics, Ph.D. Dissertation.( full text of this proposal is available online.

Satoko Watanabe, Women's Struggles and Female Migration into Japan in the 1980s and 1990s, Ph.D. Dissertation.( The full text of this proposal is available online.