Neoliberalism, the Chiapas Uprising & Cyberspace

Galmuri Publishing House, Seoul, Korea, 1998

Translator's Preface (in Korean)

Preface by Harry Cleaver

Part I

The Chiapas Uprising and the Future of Class Struggle, Riff-Raff, Jan-Feb 1994, pp. 133-146.

Introduction to Zapatistas! Documents of the New Mexican Revolution, Brooklyn: Autonomedia, Fall 1994, pp. 11-24.

Review of John Ross, Rebellion from the Roots, for Love & Rage, January 1995.

Review of George Collier's Basta! Land & the Zapatista Rebellion, for Love & Rage, April 1995.

Review of Elaine Katzenberger (ed) First World Ha, Ha, Ha! for Love & Rage, June 1995.

Reforming the CIA in the Image of the Zapatistas, June 1996

Nature, Neoliberalism & Sustainable Development, April 1997

Part II

Cyberspace & Ungovernability, March 1995

The Zapatistas & the Electronic Fabric of Struggle, November 1995

The Space of Cyberspace: Body Politics, Frontiers & Enclosures, November 1995

Zapatistas in Cyberspace, replication of web page complete with URLs.

Part III

Uses of an Earthquake, Midnight Notes, 1986.

The Inversion of Pespective in Marxian Theory: From Valorization to Self-valorization, W.Bonefeld, R. Gunn & K. Psychopedis (eds) Open Marxism, Vol. 2: Theory & Practice, London: Pluto, 1992, pp. 106-144.

Lee Won Young, "The Inter-continentalism of the Zapatistas and the Problems of National Autonomy," 1998.(Unfortunately, this essay is only available in Korean.)