The People  The Land  The Struggle

An inside look at the people, politics, land and culture of Chiapas, Mexico

By Scott Sady

Most of these images were made while working as a photographer for the Associated Press in Mexico between 1994-1998. At the present day, they serve more as a historical reminder of the way things were and could be again. There have been great changes in the Mexican political landscape since these images were made, but great injustice remains. A Click on any of the following images will take you into that chapter. If you would like more information on Chiapas, try the following links. I hope you enjoy the presentation.


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URGENT-Mexican government aggression expands against foreigners, press

The Mexican government's aggressive and vague campaign to remove all foreign human rights and health workers as well as journalists, in short anyone who may be able to bear witness to and draw attention to the next Mexican army offensive, has expanded to include representatives of the worlds largest media organizations. Here Mexican police beat up Associated Press photographer Pasqual Gorriz, who had gone to the airport in Tuxtla Gutierrez to photograph the illegal forced deportation of 12 foreigners, including three American's. Click to see more... Mexico vs. The World

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