Conversations with Durito:
Stories of the Zapatistas and Neoliberalism

Subcomandante Marcos

Edited and introduced by
Acción Zapatista Editorial Collective


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ISBN 1-57027-118-6

Book design & typesetting: Kernow Craig
Thanks to Erika Biddle, Lea Johnson,
Carla Verea Hernandez, Ben Meyers

Printed in Canada

All rights to illustrations in this collection reserved by the respective artists:

Beatriz Aurora: Love and the Calendar (p. 215); Alonso Alvarez de Araya, Off the Record: La Realidad (p. 276); Erica Chappuis: The Cave of Desire (p. 57), The Story of Dreams (p. 147), The Story of the Bay Horse (p. 152), The Seashell and the Two People (p. 226), Forever Never (p. 233), Hour of the Little Ones part 1 (p. 236), Hour of the Little Ones part II (p. 249), Hour of the Little Ones part III (p. 255), Hour of the Little Ones part IV (p. 258); John Dolley: Story of Durito and Neoliberalism (p. 41), Durito II (p. 44), Durito Names Marcos Squire (p. 64), Durito III (p.71), On Bullfighting (p. 81), Durito V (p. 95), Durito's Return (p. 99), Durito VI (p. 104), Story of the Little Mouse (p. 117), Of Trees, Transgressors (p. 120), Story of the Hot Foot (p. 138), Durito to Conquer Europe (p. 160), Durito IX (p. 176), Magical Chocolate Bunnies (p. 220), The Other Player (p. 288), Little Dented Car (p. 294), Hand that Dreams (p. 298), Apples (p. 314); Anita Pantin: Lady Civil Society (p. 164), On Liberty (p. 184); Leah Robinson: On Love (p. 144); Subcomandante Marcos: Durito On Cartoonists (p. 171); Durito Productions: Durito, Chibo (p. 111); La Jornada: Durito IV (p. 87), Hour of the Little Ones Part X (p. 261), Air and Night (p. 266); Unknown artists who posted their work to the Internet: Durito Comment on Hunger (p. 186), (p. 286), Seven Voices (p. 196).