Student Comments
Eco 368, Survey of Economic Thought
Fall 2002

These are all the written comments made by students in their course evaluations: the good, the bad and the ugly.
The originals are available to anyone who wants to see them.

Gosh, this man is amazing. Not only does he teach you facts and theories, but also opens your eyes to underlying themes and/or problems in a given situation. He has inspired me as a person, a student and a future leader. Gosh this man is amazing!

Readings are way too broad, too many readings per test. Should cutback number of readings.

Cleaver presents a fresh perspective that you are hard-pressed to find elsewhere at this school. He is very clever and his lectures are incredibly interesting.

This is one of the best courses offered by the Eco. Dept. I donít have many faults to point out except that the book Worldly Philosophers ought to be replaced. I believe that Dr. Cleaver should write a revisionist history of economic thought for the course that would complement the readings and discussion of the course.

It was hard to keep who said what straight due to readings of so many different economists, but I guess I need to make a chart. The lecture notes helped a lot as an overview/summary and the review questions were really long, but helpful.

Reading original materials is a fantastic idea. I feel there should have been more help from the instructor as to which parts are relevant so a student can understand the concepts faster and be more participative in class discussion. The exam format is fine. There should be a writing component of some sort because the exam and in-class discussion donít seem to be adequate or conducive.

W/O a doubt one of the most honest and realistic professors I have ever had in my career at the university of Texas. Dr. Cleaver tells you exactly what is expected in order to function and think in Capitalist America. Cleaver just tells it as it is and will really influence a student on his/her role as an economist. Your job: shut up and work! Great Class! Take this course.

Cleaver did a great job with this material. By far my favorite style of leading a class. Everything was posted on-line and it didnít have all the unnecessary costs associated w/a textbook. Great Guy. I would recommend this class to any eco major who is also interested in history.

One of the coolest professors in my 5-year stay here.

This guy knows his shit! And he provides course notes over the web which are extremely helpful and effective in putting together the material. His teaching style is also unique, and at the same time very legible.

You rock! What you do is worth it!

You are a very interesting professor and I always enjoyed listening to your lectures. But it is more exciting when more discussion and less lecture takes place.

He is a little dogmatic, but at least we used primary sources. He put a lot of work into the course and it shows. He was a good professor.

This instructor was very interesting. It is very refreshing to have a professor that actually knows what he is talking about. I learned a lot in the class, and I believe that I will take a lot from this class.

Bullshit all of it!

I love this class! It was very intense but gave a totally different aspect of economy then regular courses. Even though I had to spend hours and hours reading it was worth it in the end. Thanks for a wonderful semester prof. Cleaver.

Very interesting class, with some fascinating subject matter. I would suggest, thought, a somewhat different format for tests. Five weighty questions to be answered in 50 minutes is less than ideal for a student who might know the material well. It doesnít seem that the questions can be answered sufficiently in 10 minutes each, and by sufficiently I mean to avoid having points taken off. I enjoyed many of the lectures, and feel that I have learned a great deal! But the class is shaping up to be my first and only upper division ďBĒ, a class that I put more effort into than my other classes this semester. In the end, I am not sure taking this course was worth the shock to my GPA.

The readings are a bit excessive. The class is very interesting and Cleaver is a genius. Sometimes the class would get off topic though. It was very hard to take notes in class because Cleaver had to go fast to be able to cover everything.

Dr. Cleaver- To date this has probably been the most educational class I have ever taken in my illustrious academic career. Your knowledge of the material was unparalleled and the way you would take these principles and apply them to the material world really gave the class a natural sense of relevance. I would like to add that the workload was ridiculous but worth it in a way. To understand this subject matter is to really see history in my opinion. Dr. Cleaver, you are quite a professor, Iím looking forward to the political crisis class but why is it at 10am?

I really canít evaluate this class except as a student of both this class and your Marx class. That being said I am glad I took them both simultaneously. You once told us that the most common form of control is to prevent people from understanding their true situation. I will be forever grateful to you for making me much more aware of the world in which we live and for giving me the desire to always question the current model. Thank you very much.

The readings were quite eye-opening. I think this class should be required of all economic majors. Quite a bit of readings for someone who speaks so often about the imposition of work, but I feel much more knowledgeable after having made it through them. Thanks again.

I donít think the readings are excessive b/c if you show up for class, you will know what you need to read and what to concentrate on to pass the class. Besides, classes are interesting most of the time and Dr. Cleaver youíre just brilliant, I enjoy all your classes.

I think it would be better for students if there were some other grades besides the test, especially considering the fact that the material covered in the class is sometimes difficult to work through.

There are too many readings for this class. I feel that the lectures do help for the exam, so you should not tell us we can do just as well by not going to class and just doing the readings online. I tried that and did really bad on the first test. The curves really help out a lot and you looking at our progress when determining grades at the end is very motivating. It keeps me trying even harder instead of giving up after I bombed the first test.

This is the second course I have taken with Dr. Cleaver. As with the first time, I am very satisfied with the course. I believe Dr. Cleaver to be one of the brightest minds and best professors in the dept. any course taken with Dr. Cleaver is well worth your time and money.

Maybe there was too much readings, or maybe Iím a slow reader. Despite this, Dr. Cleaver is quite entertaining.