Study Guide to Capital Volume I

Below you will find, organized by chapter, my "study guide" to Capital. For each chapter you will find an outline of Marx's argument followed by my commentary on the text and on the subject matter. Some of that commentary will be a simple explanation. Some will be a critique of what I view as wrongheaded interpretations of his work. Some will be an elaboration and extension to other places, times, or parallel phenomena. You will find criticisms of Marx's own work, and suggestions of what needs to be done to go beyond his work. Interspersed in these commentaries you will find a variety of songs, poems and literary excerpts, some from popular culture, some from the classical "canon." A guide to the songs is available for easy reference. You should read these commentaries critically and ask yourself how you might do them differently.

Capital, Vol. I, Part VIII: So-called Primitive Accumulation

Capital, Vol. I, Part I: Commodities and Money

Capital, Vol. I, Part II: The Transformation of Money into Capital

Capital, Vol. I, Part III: The Production of Absolute Surplus-Value

Capital, Vol. I, Part IV: The Production of Relative Surplus-Value

Capital, Vol. I, Part V: The Production of Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value

Capital, Vol. I, Part VI: Wages

Capital, Vol. I, Part VII: The Process of Accumulation of Capital