Student Comments
Eco 357k, Survey of Economic Thought
Fall 2004

These are all the written comments made by students in their course evaluations: the good, the bad and the ugly.

"I am so fortunate. If I go astray, others are certain to notice it." - Confucius

This class has been one of the best and most useful courses I've taken. Not so much about improving my job skills but giving a more complete and new way of viewing the world. I really enjoyed this class and I see these themes not just in economics but in almost all other areas as well.

Overall I think this instructor did a good job at presenting the material that we needed to learn. One thing I would like is to have more of an outline of what topics I would need to study for the exam.

I love this class, everything about it. I will use everything I have learned in the real world (where it counts). Professor Cleaver is by far the best teacher here at UT - and I am a senior. I will pursue graduate eco, probably in Marxian eco just so I can learn more and more about this subject. Don't change anything Professor Cleaver, you are the greatest.

I thought this class would deal more with issues today and if it did that I believe that it would be a more informative class and that people could correlate information with teaching instead of sometimes using base facts or generalizations to prove a point.

My main problem was with the way you treated dissent. A couple of times during the course you seemed to lash out at those who disagree with you, this does not encourage students to ask questions.

I liked this class. Didn't really find it depressing. Gave me a broader view of capitalism in the long term that actually made me more able to deal w/injustices I see now. Not that I am inclined to passively accept them, but am less frustrated by what seems like unstoppable capital and slow prospects of labor. Only depressing thing is sometimes I feel like the other students don't read Marx, interpret your call for "less work" to mean not doing anything at all. Am struggling with my own integration within the system and "work ethic."

This course was very unique in a sense that it truly made me reevaluate myself and my aspirations in life. Professor Cleaver paved the way for me to think on another perspective. He made me realize that thinking was a product of conformity to _______ course and from Professor Cleaver to carry on my goals to another level. Overall, I am thankful I took this class.

I believe that this course has been the best economics course I have taken. I enjoyed your lectures and hope you continue to open young minds to Marx and truthfulness. The only thing I think you could improve on is the reading schedule. Otherwise, keep on keepin' on.

This is one of the most world-view changing classes I've ever taken. I only wish we could have covered contemporary issues in more detail. With the IMF, World Bank, etc. ensnaring the world in so-called "free" market capitalism, as well as the situations in Iraq and Darfur, I would like to have learned more strategies to combat the phenomena.

As a course, this class was very enlightening. I am glad that UT offers an economics course that teaches something other than the norm of capitalism.

I have tremendously enjoyed Cleaver's 357k class. The teaching was excellent & the material proved to be very relevant to my life. Why not have the class be the first part of a 2-semester class?

The material for this class was interesting. The subject was unique. The readings were thoughtful. But the reason this course was special was because of Professor Cleaver. He expressed interest in the students' progress in a subject that is difficult for most to understand. His teachings will stay with me forever. Thank you.

Dr. Cleaver is very knowledgeable. The greatest part of class is Mr. Cleaver's use of his insights in an entertaining way. Many teachers are smart, yet are not entertaining which I feel doesn't facilitate the learning.

If you thought porn was interesting, get a load of this.

Professor Cleaver was great in analyzing Marx and showing both the widespread reading and the subtext. I feel this course has greatly increased my understanding while inspiring me to build on what I've read in Capital.

The information was communicated effectively, using comprehensive knowledge of the material and application to real situations. Changed my perspective on society. Cleaver spoke clearly, communicated well, smells fantastic.

At this point I am glad I took this course. I hope we are able to take over the final.

I feel that essay exams discriminate between those who can write fast and those who can't. Although essays are a part of college, they are also discriminating for the reason stated above.

Very enlightening.

This course was great learning experience in thinking outside the mould & am very happy that I took this class with you. I think the course was of value in self-valorization as some would say.

Course succeeded in helping me form real links between course content and real-world situations. Recommend more of projects or papers & less of just run-of-the-mill tests.

Very interesting class. Professor Cleaver goes off on tangents though, but I think those are the best part of this class.

This is a great class but I felt overwhelmed with the amount of reading.

Prof was very interested in material. Workload was pretty high. Tests were very challenging and abstract. The class made me think about things before making decisions. Very helpful and eye-opening.

I would say 1) use more current articles to illustrate current impact of capitalism, 2) where has capitalism done good, 3) I loved the opinionated professor!