Eco 350k

Political Economy of Education

We will be adding to this page regularly, filling in holes and creating new threads of lineage in the history and debates about the political economy of education. Any suggestions or pointers to useful on-line documents will be gratefully received.

Part I: Philosophers on Education

Part II: Earlier Economists on Education

Part III: The Struggle for the Curriculum

Part IV: Business, Factories and Schools

D. Wages, Salaries and Hierarchies of Control
  1. Wages & Salaries; Workers & Managers
  2. Corporate Ladders, Tenure Tracks and Lecturers/Adjuncts

Part V: Grading and Testing, Grades and Test Scores, Effects

  • The impact of tests and grades on promotion and tracking

    Part VI: Questions of Discrimination & Diversity (Racial, gender, ethnic)

    Part VII: The Militarization of Schools

    Part VIII: The Architecture of Education

    Part X: Education & Nation Building

    Part XI: 1960s & 1970s: Student Power and the struggle for curricular reform

    Part XII: The Question of Academic Freedom

    Part XIII: 1980s & 1990s: Neoliberal Counter-reform

    Part XIV: Computer Tech, Distance Learning & Automation

    Part XV: The Search for Alternatives