Student Comments*

ECO 304L: Introduction to Macroeconomics

Prof. Cleaver is a good professor who knows the material well. He was very accessible to students outside his class. I felt the only flaw was that his tests were too long and hard for the time period allotted. He made you learn more material than most ECO 304L teachers would but, that is a good thing in my opinion. Overall, he was a very good professor. I just wish his class wasn't so early in the morning.

This class has been very hard- but not in the conventional sense- it was hard because it forced me to think outside the box! But, what I've learned so far has stuck. I'm an ECO major and before I took this class I was seriously considering changing majors.

Overall I think he did pretty well. Sometimes, though, I felt that some of the course material was   not thoroughly described and thus made the test harder.

I would come to class, read the test, do the workshops and I still didn't feel prepared for the exams, or felt unsure when I took them.

Very intelligent man...

I think this class should not be so difficult. For an intro class the material was very in depth. The professor didn't seem to care how much we were absorbing as long as he got through his slide.

The instructor is very intelligent but his exams are extremely difficult.

I had heard only wonderful things and was not disappointed by Prof. Cleaver or this class.

I never felt that I gained a full grasp of the material- it seemed to all go straight over my head, no matter how much I paid attention in lecture, read, or practiced using the formulas.

Need more test-like questions in class such as working a few of the problems that involve math. Also, reading the book to prepare for your tests is a waste of time and you shouldn't assign it if you don't test on it.

Prof. cleaver is an excellent teacher that cares genuinely about his students learning. My only problem with the course was that not enough work was assigned for me to get a strong grasp on the content.

This was overall a good class. I do enjoy learning about the truth behind economics. However, my parents may not be so thrilled when I get a C or low B in it. I'm glad you actually teach but, I think you could prepare us for tests better. Honestly, your tests are way too hard. When a 75 or above is an A that should tell you something is wrong

There was quite a bit of reading to do for this class but, I guess it basically gave us a better chance to become familiar with this subject. Good class/professor.

This was a very tough class. It was a lot of reading to understand things without much direction. It is hard to evaluate that fairly.

Dr. Cleaver lends an exciting perspective to a difficult subject. His course does seem disorganized in the first 1/2 of the semester. I felt like I'd been thrown in the deep end without knowing how to swim. Economics is hard enough without trying to understand the social/historical side of it. However, I agree with Dr. Cleaver that these aspects are essential to actual understanding.

Although I am not passionate about Economics, I did enjoy the off-topic discussions in class. The real world is not a textbook.

This was a great class to be in but, it was not easy. Dr. Cleaver obviously knows his stuff and is not afraid to talk about. He also does a very good job of listening to students. Often, the lectures seemed to go over my head, and the course moved at a rapid pace. However, I think I was graded fairly in the end. Good class, and definitely more interesting than most.

This class, although at eight A.M. , was beneficial to me. I came every day but, did not always grasp everything, There was a huge amount of information that was usually difficult to understand and was lectured in not much detail. Given more examples and their answers, I would have learned even more.

Very interesting course, learned stuff I otherwise probably wouldn't.

Mr. Cleaver: Everything about you is perfect and excellent, while the exams are a little bit hard. But, it doesn't affect that you're a good teacher.

Tests seem to be much harder than what we were prepared for. I liked a lot the way he also taught us general culture and history in order to understand the economic theories and concepts. Should spend more time on explaining models and graphs.

With a tendency to talk about unrelated info, while skipping over the simple explanations of the more difficult points, I found it very hard to consolidate the information for this to the testing point. If the lecture is going to be in open form for semi related topics, it would seem logical, not to mention fair, to test in class to the same manner.

I feel as though Dr. Cleaver is the best professor I have ever met. He truly is a TEACHER! He is devoted to teaching and makes every effort to make sure the students learn the material and know how it affects their life and applies to them. It is a very hard course, but it is worth it. Dr. Cleaver is a teacher, not a researcher or writer and that is the greatest asset to this class. I would like to thank Dr. Cleaver.

This class was hard but Prof. Cleaver is very understanding of that.

Probably the only thing that did keep me awake were the professor's off topic speeches. It's nice to have a professor who is not afraid to say what he really thinks.

I don't think that I've gained so vast a knowledge in such a short period of time. I loved the course but maybe students must be given an alternative to making points.

Very difficult but worthwhile. Learned a great deal. Thanks!

I enjoyed this class, even though economics is not a very sexy subject.  I couldn't find the office hours on the web site. I appreciate having old tests on the web site and the slides, but I thought the days where the projector did not work, I was taking better notes. On the slides, please do not add any colored backgrounds, it makes it difficult to point and still be readable on black and white pictures. Sorry my thoughts are all disjointed. I've never been fond of thinking at eight A.M.

Dr. Cleaver was a good teacher and had a profound interest in Economics. The tests we took were extremely difficult, but I learned a lot.

Though this course was very difficult, I can honestly say that I feel I'm a better student after taking it. I was forced to think for myself and I appreciate that.

He worked very hard to include abundant information that was not in the book. Much more interesting and valuable than your typical macro class.

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