Spring, 2003:
WGS 391 Foundations II:
Theories of Knowledge and Praxis


**NOTE: Many of the assignments require you to pick from among alternatives, or have just a title listed. Check the complete bibliography for details on readings.

PART ONE: Defining the Women's and Gender Studies Community: The Ethics of Embodied Research

Week 1: 13, 15 January: Setting the Stage

M Introduction to the Course: Sites and Skills

  • where WS stands, in institutions, professions, and professoriat
  • introduction of course materials and assignments


    W Discussion: where do disciplinary boundaries lie, and what do they imply for individuals, what kinds of data does gender/feminist studies make available?

    Week 2: 22 January

    M MLK Holiday

    W Gender, Knowledge, Disciplinary Practice

    PART TWO: Research Parameters: How Gender Theory Turns into Research and Engaged Practice

    Week 3: 27, 29 January

    M Epistemology of Gender: The Origin of Psycho-Social Oppression


    Week 4: 3, 5 February

    M Social-Science /Governmental Issues

    W GUEST SPEAKER: Lucia Gilbert, Vice-Provost and Professor of Counseling Psychology
    Gender as a Research Parameter

    Week 5: 10, 12 February

    M Legal Definitions of Gender

    W GUEST SPEAKER: Laura Lein, Professor, School of Social Work

    Week 6: 17, 19 February

    M DEBRIEF: where women's studies / theory informs my area. Your posted materials will be the basis for the discussion.

    ASSIGNMENT 2 DUE: Posted on Web: problems of speaking in WS, gender studies, feminism across disciplinary lines

    PART THREE: Expanding Theories and Praxes

    W Identity Construction: Gender, Ethnicity, Race, and the Politics of Representation

    Week 7: 24, 26 February

    M Gendered Language, Symbolic Forms, and Rhetorical Authority


    Week 8: 3, 5 March

    M Activist Rhetorical Theory


    SPRING BREAK: 8-16 March

    Week 9: 17, 19 March
    Case studies: Space and epistemology

    M Cultural Studies

    W *Assignment 4 due: abstract
    Class discussion: difficulties in specifying projects.

    Week 10: 24, 26 March

    M Feminist Pedagogy


    Week 11: 31 March, 2 April

    M Performativity


    Week 12: 7, 9 April


    W Discussion on Research Methods/Presentation

    Week 13: 14, 16 April

    M Music, Performance


    Week 14: 21, 23 April
    Feminism and Historiography

    W Poster Session Presentations

    Week 15: 28, 30 April

    *FINAL PROJECT DUE (Assignment 8):
    Official exam time: Wednesday, May 7, 7 pm.
    Which means I'll accept projects up to 9:00AM on Thursday, 8 May.
    Late projects will be docked.