Phase 4: Short-Genre Exercises

for Draußen vor der Tür:

Grade 12

     Which exercise more effectively builds on prior elements in the curricular sequence to fulfill particular sets of Standards?  Which ones, and how?

     After you read both exercises, justify your choice in the Brainstorming Forum which follows, or click directly on the Hints on Exercise A and Exercise B to see what factors may play into your judgments. After you have finished these exercises, go on to the examples of long-genre exercisess for Grade 8 and 12.

Exercise A:

Short-Genre Production, Grade 12

     Write a diary entry of your impressions of the play thus far.  Consider the characters in the prologue from a personal perspective.  Would you act as they do under similar circumstances?  Why or why not?

Exercise B:

Short-Genre Production, Grade 12

     Summarize the events in the prologue in an initial paragraph.  Then speculate briefly about what you expect to happen in the scenes to come.


     Which of these exercises is more feasible for this learning level, and which of the Standards do they foster?