Unit 1:

What is a Readable Text?

The activities in this unit will explain:
     -criteria for readability with respect to student population
     -criteria for assessing student population
     -criteria for assessing what makes a text readable.

Structure of Unit:
     -sample texts with self-tutorial on factors that make them readable
     -follow-up assignment
     -open-ended exercise:  brainstorming on readability of sample texts
     -follow-up assignment
     -review:  what makes a text readable

Introduction to Exercises
Exercise 1

Pair 1: Long Versus Short Texts
--Hints on Text A, "Männer"
--Hints on Text B, "Ein Dürer von morgen"
--Brainstorming 1

Pair 2: Abstracts versus Concretes
--Hints on Text C, "Zwölf Fragen"
--Hints on Text D, "Strom hilft ordnen"
--Brainstorming 2

Pair 3: Familiar or Interesting Topics versus Unfamiliar Topics
--Hints on Text E, "Cabrios"
--Hints on Text F, "Carmen hat ihn verführt"
--Brainstorming 3

Pairs 4 - 6: Texts that Suit the Audience
--Hints on "Texts and Audiences"
--Hints on Texts G, "Meine Geschichten," & H, "Hase"
--Hints on Texts I, "Besenstein," & J, "Leipzig"
--Hints on Texts K & L, "Zwei Briefe aus Stalingrad"
--Brainstorming 4

Exercise 2: Texts that Suit Your Audience

--Questions on Texts M, N, O: Assessing Readability
--Follow-up Assignment

Unit 1 Review: What Makes Texts Readable?