Burdine 336
Department of Germanic Studies
University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station C3300
Austin, Texas 78712-0304


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Current Courses

Fall 2009

GER 343C:
Contemporary GermanCivilization

Previous Courses

GER 373: Deutsche Gedichte und Lieder / German Poetry and Songs (Spring, 2009)
GER 343C -- Contemporary German Civilization (Spring 2007)
GER 346L -- Survey of German Literature (Spring 2007)
GER 361L: Survey of German Literature (Spring 2006)
GER 356 Cult: Advanced Conversation and Composition (Spring 2006)
GER 325: Contemporary German Civilization (Spring 2006)
GER 392: Construction of German Identities-Post 1945 (Fall 2005)
GER 325: Contemporary German Civilization (Fall 2005)
GER 373: German Literature (Spring 2005)
TC 603A (Plan II): World Literature (Spring 2005)
Going the Distance: Reading (AATG/Goethe Institut)
GER 325: Contemporary German Civilization (Fall 2004)
GER 363K: Media in Modern Germany (Fall 2003)
     Class Texts for 363K
GER 389K.4: Methods of Cultural Studies (Fall 2003)
GER 360: Images of Fascism (Fall 1999)
GER 363: German Media (Fall 1999)
GER 356: Von Comiks zur Kunst (Fall 1998)
GER 389K: Introduction to Scholarship (Fall 1998
GER 363K: Images of Fascism (Spring 1998)
GER 363K: German Media (Fall 1997)
GER 356: Advanced Conversation and Composition (Fall 1996)

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