Syllabus: Fall, 2001

C L 382 (29700) Marxisms
Katherine Arens
PAR 8B TTh 9:30-11

Week 1: August 30

Thurs Introduction to the Course

Section 1: Roots in the 19th Century
Week 2: September 4, 6

Tues Stepelvich, ed., The Young Hegelians
Strauss, "The Life of Jesus," 19-51
Feuerbach, "Toward a Critique," 91-128; "Essence of Christianity," 129-155; Provisional Theses," 156-171
Bauer, "Trumpet, 173-186; "Jewish Problem," 187-197

Thurs Stepelvich, ed., The Young Hegelians
Engels, "Outlines," 275-302
Marx, "Letter to Ruge, 303-309; "Contribution to the Critique of Hegel," 310-22
Stirner, "Art and Religion, 323-334; "Ego and His Own, 335-353
**Précis due: one YH essay

Week 3: September 11, 13

Tues Marx-Engels Reader
"Theses on Feuerbach," 143-145
Excerpts from German Ideology, 146-200

Thurs Marx-Engels Reader
Excerpts from Grundrisse, 221-293
"Communist Manifesto," 469-500
OPT (not in copy): Excerpts from Capital, passim
**Précis due: any Marx text

Section 2: The Frankfurt School and its Counterparts in the 30s and Beyond
Week 4: September 18, 20

Tues Arato, ed. The Essential Frankfurt School Reader
Pollock, State Capitalism," 71-94
Benjamin, "Author as Producer," 254-269
Marcuse, "Some Social Implications of Modern Technolology," 138-162

Thurs Arato, ed. The Essential Frankfurt School Reader
Horkheimer, "End of Reason, 26-48
Horkheimer, "The Authoritarian State," 95-117
Adorno, "Subject and Object," 497-511
Adorno, "Sociology of Knowledge," 452-465
**Précis due: any Frankfurt School text

Week 5: September 25, 27

Tues Benjamin, Illuminations
-"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," 217-252
-"Theses on the Philosophy of History," 253-264

Thurs Bakhtin, "The Problem of Speech Genres," 60-102
Lukacs, History and Class Consciousness
-"What is Orthodox Marxism?," 1-26
OPT: "Class Consciousness," 46-82
OPT: "The Changing Function of Historical Materialism," 223-255
OPT: The Historical Novel::"Historical Novel and Historical Drama," 89-170
**Précis due: any of this week's readings

Week 6: October 2, 4

Tues Raymond Williams, Marxism and Literature, Part II: Cultural Theory, 75-141
---, Country and the City, Chaps. 22-25, 264-306

Thurs Stuart Hall, ed. & part author, Resistance through Rituals, "Subcultures, Cultures and Class," 9-74

Week 7: October 9, 11

Tues Hollier, ed. The College of Sociology
"Note on the Foundation," 3-6
Roger Caillois, "Introduction," 9-11
Georges Bataille, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," 12-23
Michel Leiris, "The Sacred in Everyday Life," 24-31

Thurs Hollier, ed. The College of Sociology
Roger Caillois, "Winter Wind," 32-42
---, "Power," 125-136
---, "Festival," 279-303
**Précis due: any College of Sociology text

Section 3: The Next Generation

Week 8: October 16, 18

Tues Habermas, Theory of Commuicative Action
-"Author's Preface," xxxix-xlii
-Part 1, 1-141
Rec: Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, 1-56

Thurs Fredric Jameson, The Political Unconscious , "On Interpretation," 17-102
For German Readers:
"Aktuelle Aufgaben der Germanistik nach dem XXII. Parteitag der KPdSU und dem 14. Plenum des ZK der SED," Zmegac, Methoden, 185-205
Robert Weimann, "Gegenwart und Vergangenheit in der Literaturgeschichte," Zmegac, Methoden, 291-323
**Paper Abstract due: see paper description

Week 9: October 23, 25

Tues Deleuze and Guattari, Anti-Oedipus,
-Section 1: "Desiring Machines"
-Section 4: "Introduction to Schizoanalysis"
-first subsection of each other section

Thurs Deleuze and Guattari, 1000 Plateaux
-Chapter 1: "Introduction-Rhizome"
-Chapter 12: "Treatise on Nomadology"
**Précis due: Habermas, Jameson, or D&G section

Week 10: October 30, November 1

Tues Lyotard, "Judiciousness in Dispute, or Kant after Marx,"Lyotard Reader, 324-359
Lyotard and Thébaud, Just Gaming, all (only 100 pp).
REC: Guattari, Chaosmosis
REC: Foucault, Foucault Live

Thurs Luhmann, "Introduction," and "System and Function," Social Systems, 1-58

Week 11: November 6, 8

Tues Kristeva, Revolution in Poetic Langauge,
-"Prolegomenon," 13-18
-Section 1: "The Semiotic and the Symbolic," 21-106

Thurs Kristeva Reader
-"The System and the Speaking Subject," 24-33
-"Semiotics: A Critical Science and/or a Critique of Science," 74-88
**Précis due: Lyotard or Kristeva section

Week 12: November 13, 25

Tues Kristeva, Interviews, #4: Cultural Strangeness and the Subject in Crisis," 35-58

Thurs Kristeva, Nations without Nationalism
-"What of Tomorrow's Nation?," 1-48
-"Open Letter to Harlem Désir," 49-64
-"The Nation and the Word," 65-76

Week 13: November20, 22

Tues Lyotard, Postmodern Condition
**Short Paper due (submit with corrected abstract)

Thurs Thanksgiving

Section: The German-American Wing: Frankfurt goes POMO and Mass Culture
Week 14: November 27, 29

Tues Frankfurt School goes POMO
Jameson, "The Politics of Theory: Ideological Positions in the Postmodern Debate." New German Critique 33 (Fall 1984): 53-66
----," Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism" New Left Review 146 (July-August 1984): 53-93
Huyssen, "Mapping the Postmodern," New German Critique 33 (Fall 1984): 5-52

Thurs Robbins, Phantom Public Sphere
-Nancy Fraser, "Rethinking the Public Sphere," 1-32
-Dana Polan, "The Public's Fear," 33-41
-Frederic Jameson, "On Negt and Kluge," 42-74

Week 15: December 2, 4

Tues Hal Foster, ed. The Anti-Aesthetic
-Frederic Jameson, "Postmodernism and Consumer Society,": 111-125
-Jean Baudrillard, "The Ecstasy of Communication," 126-134


**Paper 2 due Wednesday, 12 December, 12:00 noon, to my office
**This is a university-set date. Don't argue; it won't work.