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Assignments and Grading


Assignments and Grading

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Overview of Grading:

  • Daily Quizzes: 10 % (2 points each: one for taking it, one for correctness)
  • Online Short Tests = 4 x 5 % = 20 %
  • Film Worksheets = 2 x 10 % = 20 %
  • Group project, posted online = 10 %
  • Midterm = 15 %
  • Final = 25 %

No late work will be accepted without medical documentation or prior arrangement; no permissions for late work will be granted online by email later than ONE WEEK before the due date. If you need to be out of town, do your work before you leave, or arrange variants at least two weeks before the due date.


The readings listed on the syllabus are drawn from various sources. Many of them are very short articles from newspapers and popular magazines; a very few are scholarly articles; two books (mass market) are assigned virtually complete. See the list of readings included with the syllabus for indications as to what books are required and which recommended. If a reading is indicated as "Electronic Reserve," it is in the "Class Documents" folder on the BlackBoard site as a .pdf file for downloading and reading, and it is assumed to be required. "Paper reserves" are readings that are on reserve at PCL, also as required. They may make it to electronic form before they are due.

Supplementary information is available on the class website: links to information pages for each film, to film terminology, and to various web sources, linked to the appropriate days of the syllabus.


Each type of assignment and exam has its own description below or appended to this page. Please read them through carefully, because they constitute the contract that the instructor is making with you -- they are the basis for your grades. All written assignments must be submitted in hard copy at the start of the class period when they are due (the one exception is the group film analysis, which will be posted online). N either the professor nor the TA (if we have one) will accept emailed assignments.

The class will be using its BlackBoard site, accessible to each of you through your UT Direct CLIPs page and the links posted there. Email reminders and updates will be sent using that emailer, as well. Make sure you have updated your email with the University (also through UT Direct); make sure you pick up your email and/or set your listservs on digest so that your email account does not fill up. The instructor is not responsible for emails rejected because your box is full, or lost because you've failed to update your address.

All assignment grades will be posted on the E-Gradebook off the CLIPs pages through UT Direct. The grades will be posted as points or percentages, with each assignment's point totals indicated. Check your grades often; protests will only be entertained within one week of grade postings. The final grade will be weighted as below, combining the individual elements posted.

The instructor answers email during business hours (M-F 8-5). Do not expect responses before class, in less than 24 hours, or on weekends. It might happen, but email must be used politely, as the equivalent of a phone call, not as an on-demand message board. The instructor cannot answer 80 emails an hour for this class the night before an assignment is due!!!

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