Although all Freshman Seminars carry three-hours of credit, our class only meets for two hours during each week. You will earn the third hour of class credit by attending various campus programs, which can include lectures by seminar instructors and guest speakers, a library workshop, writing lab and time-management workshops, museum exhibits, concerts, an athletic event, and other campus activities. The program notes that each instructor may also assign third-hour activities not included among those arranged by the Seminars Program. Students in seminars meeting two hours per week will be required to attend fifteen hours of "third-hour" activities.

All students needing to fulfill the third-hour requirement must attend a library workshop, hear a talk given by a staff member of the Undergraduate Writing Center, and attend a session on time management presented by a staff member from the Learning Skills Center. These three activities will count for three hours toward the fifteen-hour requirement.

The complete list of third-hour activities will be made available at the beginning of the semester and these activities will take place at different hours and may be attended at the studen's convenience. Additional activities will be posted throughout the semester, and I may mention things in class.

I will keep attendance by collecting signed attendance forms. A sample is attached to this syllabus, for you to duplicate at need; it will also be posted at the class website at for you to print at will.


You will receive TWO HOURS of third-hour credit for seeing ALL THREE FILMS assigned for the course, and turning in a movie review (250 words) on each. That movie review should indicate what you liked best and what you liked least about the films, and if you would recommend it to a friend. Note that these opinions must be substantiated withe details from the movie. You have permission in advance to hate the films! (No signed attendance forms required.)

On Time Management (pick one session, see below and web address above for most complete listing)

On the Undergraduate Writing Center (see below and web address above for most complete listing; pick one session)

NOTE THAT YOUR GRADE WILL BE DOCKED IF YOU DO NOT FULFILL YOUR 15-HOUR REQUIREMENT (see grading criteria on the course description)

Some Third-Hour Activity Schedules

On Time Management (pick one session):

On the Undergraduate Writing Center (pick one session):

VIDEO: A Night to Remember: The Mythconception of Safe Drinking and Driving,
October 3, 2000
7:00-8:30 pm UTC 2.112A
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