Syllabus: Spring, 2000

GRC 362E: Continental Philosophy: Books that Made the West

**All readings from The Continental Philosophy Reader, eds. Ruchard Kearney and Mara Rainwater (London and New York: Routledge, 1996).

Week 1: January 18, 20

Tues Introduction to the Course: what is philosophy? (chronology in text)

Part I: Phenomenology and its Consequences

Thurs Edmund Husserl, "The Paris Lecture," 3-14

---, "Phenomenology," 15-22

Week 2: January 25, 27

Tues Martin Heidegger, "Intro." to Beind and Time, 23-47

---, "Anxiety," 48-52

**Précis due: one Husserl or Heidegger section

Thurs Karl Jaspers, "Intro" to Philosophy of Existence, 53-61

Jean-Paul Sartre, "Existentialism and Humanism," 62-76

Week 3: February 1, 3

Tues Maurice Merleau-Ponty, "Preface" to Phenomenology of Perception, 77-92

Thurs Simone de Beauvoir, "Intro" to The Second Sex, 93-108

**Précis due: any text from existentialism

Week 4: February 8, 10

Tues Hans-Georg Gadamer, "The Universality of the Hermeneutical Problem," 109-121

Thurs Emmanuel Levinas, "Ethics as First Philosophy," 122-135

Week 5: February 15, 17

Tues Paul Ricœur, "On Interpretation," 136-155


**Précis due: any essay from this section

Part II: Marxism

Week 6: February 22, 24

Tues Rosa Luxemburg, "Leninism or Marxism?", 159-168

Georg Lukács, "Reification and the Consciousess of the Proletariat," 169-180

Thurs Antonio Gramsci, "The Intellectuals," 181-193

**Précis due: any marxist text

Week 7: February 29, March 2

Tues Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno, "The Concept of Enlightenment," 194-211

Thurs Walter Benjamin, "Theses on the Philosophy of History," 212-223

**Paper 1 due: see paper description

Week 8: March 7, 9

Tues Herbert Marcuse, "Political Preface (1966)" to Eros and Civilization, 224-234

Thurs Jürgen Habermas, "Philosophy as Stand-in and Interpreter," 235-253

**Précis due: any Frankfurt School


Week 9: March 21, 23

Tues Louis Althusser, ""From Kapital to Marx's Philosophy," 254-274

Thurs Hannah Arendt, "Preface" to Between Past and Future, 275-285

**Précis due: Arndt or Althusser

Part III: From Structuralism through Deconstruction

Week 10: March 28, 30

Tues Transition: From Marxisms to the Linguistic Turn

Thurs Ferdinand de Saussure, Selections from Course in General Linguistics, 289-304

Week 11: April 4, 6

Tues Claude Lévi-Strauss, "The Structural Study of Myth," 305-327

**Rewrite of Paper 1 due: see paper description

Thurs Jacques Lacan, "The Mirror Stage as Formative of the Function of the I," 328-335

Week 12: April 11, 13

Tues Michel Foucault, "The Discourse on Language," 336-360

Thurs Roland Barthes, "Inaugural Lecture at the Collége de France," 361-377

**Précis due: any structuralist or post-structuralist

Week 13: April 18, 20

Tues Julia Kristeva, "Women's Time," 378-401

Thurs Gilles Deleuze, "Introduction" to What is Philosophy?, 402-410

Week 14: April 25, 27

Tues Luce Irigaray, "The Power of Discourse and the Subordination of the Feminine," 411-424

**Précis due: Kristeva, Deleuze, or Irigaray

Thurs Jean-François Lyotard, "Answering the Question: What is Postmodernism?", 425-437

Week 15: May 2, 4

Tues Jacques Derrida, "Différance," 438-464


**Paper 2 due: see description