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WEEK 1: 29 August

THURS Introduction: The Problem of Defining "Austrian" Intellectual History

1. Perspectives: What is "Austrian," "Central European" History, and how does that figure into intellectual history?

WEEK 2: 3, 5 September

TUES Histories of the Region: Templates
*Written Assignment 1 due: read directions before you read texts!
Kann, History of the Habsburg Empire, 243-564
Sked, Decline and Fall of the Habsburg Empire, 187-272
Taylor, Struggle for Mastery in Europe
Sugar, ed., A History of Hungary, 174-266

THURS Where is the Region?: Debates
*HABSBURG. "What is Central Europe?"
Arens, "Central Europe and the Nationalist Paradigm
*Oral Assignment 1: see directions

2. Causes and the Social Fabric: Demagogues, Nationalisms, Anti-Semitism
WEEK 3: 10, 12 September

TUES Corporatism and the Tenor of Everyday Life
*Judson, Exclusive Revolutionaries, 1-142 (up through liberal state)
*Grassl and Smith, eds., Austrian Economics
-J. C. Nyíri, "Intellectual Foundations of Austrian Liberalism,"102-138
R. J. W. Evans. "Josephinism, 'Austrianness,' and the Revolution of 1948"
Johnston, "An Empire of Bureaucrats," 45-75

THURS Politics, from Red Vienna and Lueger to Schönerer
*Schorske, "Politics in a New Key," FdSV, 116-180
*Albert Fuchs, "Katholizismus," 43-82
Grassl and Smith, eds., Austrian Economics
-Wolfgang Grassl, "Markers and Morality: Austrian Perspectives on the Economic Approach to Human Behavior," 139-181
Janik & Toulmin, "Habsburg Vienna," WV, 33-66G

WEEK 4: 17, 19 September

TUES Austromarxism and "Red Vienna"
Johnston, "Austro-Marxists," 99-111
*Bottomore and Goode, eds. Austro-Marxism, 52-62
*Ada Christen, "Cathy's Feather Hat," Hacken, ed., Into the Sunset, 308-320
*Arthur Schnitzler, "Spring Sonata"/"Frau Bertha Garlan"
Background: Mark E. Blum. The Austro-Marxists 1890-1918

THURS Law and Economics
*Johnston, "Economists as Bureaucrats," 76-87
*---, "Legal Theorists," 88-98
*Bottomore and Goode, eds. Austro-Marxism, 84-101, 204-52, 267-76
Grassl and Smith, eds., Austrian Economics
-Barry Smith, "Austrian Economics and Austrian Philosophy," 1-36
-Reinhard Fabian and Peter M. Simons, "The Second Austrian School of Value Theory," 37-101 (HAS BIOS)
*Précis due: either fiction or an Austro-Marxist text

WEEK 5: 24, 26 September

TUES Kaiser Franz Joseph
*Johnston, "The Emperor and his Court," 30-44
*Magris. Der habsburgische Mythos, 1-39
*Dolmetsch, Our Famous Friend, Chap. 16
PLUS at least one piece of fiction
*Kompert, "Ohne Bewilligung"
*Roth, excerpts from Radetzkymarsch and "Die Büste des Kaisers"
Palmer, Twilight of the Habsburgs, 228-334

THURS *Qualtinger and Merz, "Der Herr Karl"
*NOTE: You will be seeing video today -- discuss next week

WEEK 6: 1, 3 October

TUES Panslavism and Ethnic Nationalism
*Robertson and Timms, eds., The Habsburg Legacy (pick your area)
*Bottomore and Goode, Austro-Marxism, 102-86
Nyíri, "From Eötvös to Musil," in Nyíri, ed., Austrian Philosophy, 9-30
*Eötvös, "Munich Sketch," in Nyíri, ed., Austrian Philosophy, 153-172
Musil, "The German Personality as a Symptom," in Nyíri, ed., Austrian Philosophy, 173-200
Hacken, ed.,. Into the Sunset
-Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, "Don Juan of Kolomyya," 222-71
*-Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, "The Gemperlein Barons," 321-65
*Roth, Die Kapuzinergruft / The Emperor's Tomb
Background: A.J. P Taylor, "The Great Eastern Crisis," 228-254
Sked, "The Dual Monarchy," 187-238
Kann, passim, Chapters 7, 8, and 10, 367-467, 521-564
*Précis due: any fiction

THURS Otto von Habsburg, Haider, and Paneuropa
*Hella Pick, Guilty Victim, pick either early post-war to Kreisky, or later (first or second 100 pages)
Otto von Habsburg, Zurück zur Mitte / Return to the Center
Qualtinger and Merz, "Der Herr Karl"

WEEK 7: 8, 11 October

TUES *ZWISCHENBILANZ: problems in putting these movements into context

3. Institutions: Innovations in Science, Human and Social Sciences

THURSThe Vienna Medical School
Lesky, Vienna Medical School
*Schnitzler, Medizinische Schriften
Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Psychopathia Sexualis, excerpts
*Otto Weininger, excerpts from Sex and Character / Geschlecht und Charakter
Background: Sengoopta on Weininger

WEEK 8: 15, 17 October

TUES Freud and the Freudians: A Cultural Movement
*Schorske, "Politics and Patricide in Freud's Interpretation of Dreams," FdSV, 181-207
Freud, "Bruchstück einer Hysterie-Analyse" (aka Dora), 1-126
---, "Aus der Geschichte einer infantilen Neurose" (akaThe Wolf Man)
*READ one--pick your gender and class preference (Wolf Man = noble)

THURS Historicism: From Baroque Idea to Protofascism
*Hugo von Hofmannsthal. "Das Schrifttum als geistiger Raum der Nation" and "Zu Josef Nadler's 'Literaturgeschichte.'"
*Johnston, "Cultural Criticism," in Nyíri, ed., Austrian Philosophy, 31-42
*Josef Nadler, Literaturgeschichte (compare same sections of 1912 and 1938)
---, "Deutschland und Österreich im Wechselspiel der deutschen Dichtung"
J. W. Nagl, Deutsch-Österreichische Literaturgeschichte (excerpts)
Johnston, "From Baroque to Biedermeier," 11-29
Steinberg, The Meaning of the Salzburg Festival
*Précis due: Freud or Hofmannsthal

4. Schools of Thought
WEEK 9: 22, 24 October

TUES Ringstrasse und Ende
Johnston, Austrian Mind, Part 5, 335-388
*Schorske, "The Ringstrasse, Its Critics and the Birth of Urban Modernism," FdSV, 24-115
*Karl Kraus: Die letzten Tage der Menschheit /Last Days of Mankind (Vorstpiel, Akt 1, Epilog)
Janik and Toulmin, "Language and Society," WV, 67-91

*Otto Wagner, Die Baukunst unserer Zeit.
*Adplf Loos, Ornament and Crime (various)
Janik & Toulmin, "Culture and Critique," WV, 92-119
*Précis due: Schorske, Loos, or Wagner

WEEK 10: 29, 31 October

TUES Austrian Philosophy?
Franz Brentano, Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, 1-43
*Ernst Mach, Analyse der Empfindungen / Analysis of Sensations, through chapter 2
Johnston, Austrian Mind, Part 4, 265-332


WEEK 11: 5, 7 November

TUES PRESENTATION DAY - your abstracts are due, to be shared as 5-min presentations
*Written assignment 3 /Oral 2

THURS The Vienna Circle, Wittgenstein, and the Legacy of Sprachphilosophie
Janik & Toulmin, Wittgenstein's Vienna, Introduction , 13-32, 167-238
*Hubert Schleichert, ed., Logischer Empirismus, excerpts (one text in English)
*Ludwig Wittgenstein, Blue and Brown Books, 77-125
Background: Kraft, The Vienna Circle, passim
---, Der Wiener Kreis, passim

5. Icons: Aestheticism and Innovation
WEEK 12: 12, 14 November

TUES Museum Culture: The Marketing of Vienna 1900
*Exhibition Culture:: compare:
-Traum und Wirklichkeit
Varnedoe, Vienna 1900
Waissenberger, ed. Vienna, 1890-1920
Janik & Toulmin, Wittgenstein's Vienna, 239-275
*Lukacs. Budapest 1900, 1-107
*Bottomore and Goode, Austro-Marxism, 253-67
*Critiques for Written Assignment 3 due

THURS Volksstück
*Nestroy, The Talisman / Der Talisman
Urbach, Die Wiener Volkskömodie
Yates, Theatre in Vienna
*Précis due: Nestroy, Austro-Marxist, or compare two museum things

WEEK 13: 19, 21 November

TUES Vienna Opera/Operetta
*Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Ariadne auf Naxos<
excerpts from
-Die Fledermaus
-Der Zigeunerbaron
-Die Lustige Witwe

THURS Oppositional Literature in the Cold War
*Handke, Kaspar
---, Publikumsbeschimpfung (Offending the Audience)
*Rühm, Die Wiener Gruppe (excerpts)
*Written Assignment 4 due

WEEK 14: 26 November

TUES *Magris, Danube, Sections 1-4, 8 &9


WEEK 15: 3, 5 December

TUES Austria on Film: How the World Sees Vienna
See at least one of the following films:
* The Sound of Music
*Szabo, Sunshine (plus Suleiman, "Central Europee")
*Szabo, Colonel Redl

THURS Final discussions

Written Assignment 5 Due: Wednesday, Dec. 11, 7 pm - NO OPTIONS

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