FALL 2002: GER 382N (34435) = REE 385 (42495)

Intellectual History: Made in Austria

Instructor: Katie Arens
Office: EPS 3.128; k.arens@mail.utexas.edu or 232-6363
Office Hours: TTH 8-9:30 and by appointment


Written Assignment 1:

Take one issue from the overall history of Austria/Central Europe between 1815 and the Second World War, and find an account of it in at least two, and preferably three of the histories assigned. Compare their focuses; discuss their biases. Write 250-500 words.

Written Assignment 2: Précis (see attached)

When you get to the "Implications," try to address how the text in question is or isn't representative of the issues at stake in a comparison between "Austria" and Germany or another Central European country that is of interest to you -- or how it questions/supports the notion of nation-states in the modern sense.

Oral Assignment 1: Oral Presentation: Where my area fits, historically

Go to your national focus' encyclopedia (to a German one, not an Austrian one). Look up "Austria," "Austro-Hungary," "Central Europe," "Eastern Europe," "Mitteleuropa," and/or related terms, figuring out the terminology. Be prepared to discuss the results. Watch the dates on the books! Your notes will be handed in as proof of your work; each student is responsible for putting one or more issues on the table orally in class

Written Assignment 3/Oral 2: Abstract for Semester Project

An abstract for a research project/paper/ extended grant proposal/annotated bibliography to be turned out by the end of the semester. The final project, like this abstract, may be done in a group.

Possible forms (others exist, if you get approval from instructor)

An abstract, in professional form (data method goal) of between 250 and 500 words, should indicate the topic, strategy, goal, and form that your semester's work will assume. For general directions, see the Germanic Studies Dept.'s homepage, which has a link to a handout on how to do abstracts. Each section is worth one letter grade, so make sure they're all's there.

If you do the course proposal, get a copy of the Dept. of Germanic Studies' handout on what a course proposal consists of. Hand in the first course description.

TO COMPLETE this assignment, you will also be required to:

**You will not get full credit for the abstract assignment unless you post comments on the other abstracts.

The critiques from the class constitute peer feedback, delivered early enough in the semester so that problems will be minimized.

Written Assignment 4: Research/Procedural and Outcome Plan

This assignment is a follow-up on the abstract, which must also be posted. Describe in it what your plan of research and action are, specifying

-what research tools (e.g. bibliographic data bases, measures, surveys, collections) that you'll use to get this research done "properly"

-what preliminary research you have undertaken (exact searches, etc.).

This should be done in 1-2 pp (i.e. 500 words or less), which may be lists or outlines or bullets, not necessarily connected prose. Indicate hang-ups, loose threads you have left, dead-ends.

Half the grade will be given for content/conceptual issues; half for research strategies. Be sure, for example, that you note if you'll have to use paper forms of bibliographic tools (why/why not), what kinds of searches you'll have to run in what order. I don't what everything you COULD do, I want strategic discussion of what one has to do to be credible.

**You will not get full credit for the Research Plan assignment unless you post comments on the others, as above.

Written Assignment 5: Final Paper, Report, Grant Proposal, or Other Project

•Due on posted final exam date. No late work accepted.

•Text submissions must be in hard copy. If standard MS formatting is not followed (1.5 or double spaced, PAGE NUMBERS, indented quotations, notes and/or works cited, proofread, no funny fonts or odd layout, US English punctuation) are not followed, you will be docked a grade. Period. You're graduate students, and "properly typed" is a minimum requirement.

Otherwise, grading for papers is like that for a précis. Grading for course-development projects will be according to the elements that you hand in.

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