CL381 = E 390M:

European Romanticism

Fall, 1996: Syllabus

Week 1: August 27

Thur: Introduction to the Course

Part 1: The Historical Setting of Romanticism

Week 2: September 3, 5

Tues: Wellek, Concepts of Criticism

-"The Concept of Romanticism in Literary History," 128-198

-"Romanticism Re-Examined," 199-221


Thur: Porter, ed., Romanticism in National Context

-"Romanticism in Germany," 109-133

-"Romanticism in England," 37-67

-"Romanticism in France," 240-259

Jauß, Question and Answer, "Rousseau's Nouvelle Héloïse and Goethe's Werther," 148-196

Week 3: September 10, 12

Tues: Prototype, I

Rousseau, Confessions


Thur: Prototype, II

Goethe, Sorrows of Young Werther

**Precis due: either Rousseau or Goethe

Part 2: German Romanticism

Week 4: September 17, 19

Tues: Philosophical Roots, I

Wellek, A History of Modern Criticism, 2: The Romantic Age, 1-109

Wellek, Discriminations, "I. Kant's Aesthetics and Criticism," 122-142

Schiller, "Über Bürgers Gedichte," Klassik, 75-92

= "On Bürger's Poetry," in Chamberlin, ed., Eighteenth-Century Criticism, 262-74

Schiller, Kallias

C.F. also Lovejoy, Essays in the History of Ideas, # 9, 10, 11


Thur: Philosophical Roots, II

Behler, ed., Philosophy of German Idealism
-Fichte, "A Crystal Clear Report to the General Public," 39-115

-Schelling, "Ideas on a Philosophy of Nature," 167-202

---, "Deduction of a universal Organ of Philosophy," 203-216

Wellek, A History of Modern Criticism, 2: The Romantic Age, 298-334

**Precis due: Schiller, Fichte, or Schelling

Week 5: September 24, 26

Tues: Literary Theory

Behler, ed., German Romantic Criticism
-Richter, 31-61

-F. Schlegel, 84-133

-Humboldt, 134-161

-A.W. Schlegel, 175-218

-Grimm, 257-292

Romantik I, Pt. I, Pt. VI

**Precis due: any criticism essay


Thur: Bildungsideal: The Romantic Hero(ine)

Schlegel, Lucinde

Romantik II, Section II

Week 6: October 1, 3

Tues: Poetry and the Poetic: The Issue of Phantasy

Novalis, Hymns to the Night

Romantik I, Pt. II

Romantik II, Pt. III

**Precis due: Novalis, any Hymn


Thur: Nachtseite: German Gothic

E.T.A. Hoffmann, "Der Sandmann" ("The Nutcracker") or
"Der goldene Topf" (in Romantik II)

Eichendorff, "Das Marmorbild"

Tieck, "Der blonde Eckbert" (in Romantik II)

Chamisso, "Peter Schlemihl" (in Romantik II)

Arnim, "Der tolle Invalide"

**Precis due: any tale

**Test One passed out

Week 7: October 8, 10

Tues: Comedy, Fairy-Tale, Irony, and Satire

Romantik I, Part III (Ironie)

Schlegel, Fragments (on romantic irony)

Tieck, Der gestiefelte Kater (in Romantik II)

Jean Paul, Schulmeisterlein Wuz

Heine, any poetry


Part 3: English Romanticism

Thur: German Sources (Non-Romantic!)

Schiller, Über naive und sentimentalische Dichtung
= Naive and Sentimental Poetry

**Test One due back

Week 8: October 15, 17

Tues: The "Ossian" Issue

Romantik I, Part IV (Nationalism and Folk Poetry)

Behler, ed., German Romantic Criticism

-Grimm, 257-292

Chamberlin, ed., Eighteenth-Century Criticism

-Herder, Extract from "Correspondence on Ossian" 132-42

-skim Herder, Goethe, and Bürger segments, as well

Herder, "Humanität," Klassik, 42-61

Robert Burns, Norton, 89-108

**Precis due: any Burns poem (in light of Ossian and folk poetry)


Thur: Romantic Creativity and Poetry, I

Blake, Norton, passim

Coleridge, Biographia Literaria, Norton, 386-409

-Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan, Phantom

Wellek, History of Modern Criticism, 2: Romantic Age, 110-29, 151-87

Week 9: October 22, 24

Tues: Romantic Creativity and Poetry, II

Wordsworth, Preface to Lyrical Ballads, Norton, 155-170
-Tinturn Abbey, The Prelude (esp. 1, 5, 12-14)

Byron, Childe Harolde, Darkness, Don Juan

Shelley, Hymn to Intellectual Beauty, Prometheus Unbound

Keats, Chapman's Homer, Ode on a Grecian Urn, Hyperion

(NB: compare Goethe's Prometheus, Hölderlin's Hyperion)

Wellek, History of Mod. Criticism, 2: Romantic Age, 130-50, 188-215

**Precis due: Biographia Litteraria or Preface to Lyrical Ballads


Thur: Philosophical Satire

Carlyle, Sartor Resartus (NB: compare Jean Paul, Schulmeisterlein Wuz)

Week 10: October 29, 31

Tues: Historicals

Scott, Waverley (NB: compare Ardinghello, any Schiller)


Thur: Gothic, Night Side, I

De Quincy, Opium-Eater, Norton, 462-479

Wollstonecraft, Rights of Woman, Norton, 108-140

(NB: compare Hoffmann, Topf, Melville, Moby Dick)

**Precis due: Sartor, Waverley, or Frankenstein

Week 11: November 5, 7

Tues: Gothic, Night Side, II

Shelley, Frankenstein
(NB: compare M.G. Lewis, The Monk, Le Fanu; Maturin, Melmoth; Radclyffe, Ugolino)


Part 4: French Romanticism

Thur: The Vectors, I

de Stael, De L'Allemagne, Part 2 (= On Germany)

Humboldt, Essais aesthétiques (photocopy)

Wellek, History of Modern Criticism, 2: The Romantic Age, 216-240

**Paper on prose due (see description)

Week 12: November 12, 14

Tues: The Vectors, II

Heine, The Romantic School and Other Essays
-"The Romantic School," 1-127

-"Concerning the History of Religion and Philosophy," 128-244

-"Letters on Germany," 284-294

-"Various Conceptions of History," 258-260

**Precis due: any essay


Thur: Romantic Hero, Revisited

Balzac, Le Lys dans la vallée, Lagarde, 303-07, 317-21
= Lily of the Valley, passim

Chateaubriand, René, Atala, Lagarde, 32-43

Constant, Adolphe, Lagarde, 22-25

Sand, La Mare au Diable, Lagarde, 295-98

Week 13: November 19, 21

Tues: Historicism, History

Michelet, Taine, Renan, Sainte-Beuve, Lagarde, 361-81, 385-403

Stendhal, La Chartreuse de Parme, Lagarde, 338-348

=Charterhouse of Parma, passim

Hugo, Les Miserables, Notre-Dame de Paris, Lagarde, 153-162, 195- 204

Wellek, History of Modern Criticism, 2: The Romantic Age, 241-259


Thur: Nightside, Lyricism

Vigny, Lamartine, Gautier, Nerval, Baudelaire - Lagarde, passim, see esp. 431, 433 ("Elevations," "Correspondences")
= Baudelaire, Poems

**Precis due: any poem

Week 14: November 26 (Thanksgiving, November 28)

Tues: End of the Movement

Flaubert, Éducation sentimentale

Part 5: Representative Romanticism in Scholarship

Week 15: December 3, 5

Tues: Postwar Traditional

Eichner, Hans, ed. Romantic and its Cognates: The European History of a Word
(esp."Its Cognates before 1790," 17-97)

Peckham, Morse. Beyond the Tragic Vision (passim, esp. to 100, on Goethe)

Peckham, Morse. "Toward a Theory of Romanticism: II. Reconsiderations," Studies in Romanticism, 1, No. 1 (Autumn 1961): 1-8*

Peckham, Morse. "Toward a Theory of Romanticism," PMLA, 66, No. 2 (March 1951): 5-23

Lovejoy, A.O. Essays in the History of Ideas (esp. IX, X, XI, XII**, XIII)

M.H. Abrams, Mirror and the Lamp (esp. Introduction, V, VIII, XI)

M.H. Abrams, Natural Supernaturalism (passim)

M.H. Abrams, The Correspondent Breeze (esp. 3)


Thur: Closing Discussion:  New Winds in Criticism

Jerome J. McGann, The Romantic Ideology (all, passim)

Anne K. Mellor, English Romantic Irony (esp. Chap. 1)

Anne K. Mellor, Romanticism and Gender

Theodor Ziolkowski, German Romanticism and Its Institutions

Favret and Watson, eds., At the Limits of Romanticism

**Paper on poetry due (see description)

**Test Two passed out (DUE BACK MONDAY, DEC. 16, 2 pm)