E390M = CL 381 = GER 392:

European Romanticism


E.P. Schoch Reserve; for individual sale at IT Copy (details in list below)

Behler, ed. Philosophy of German Idealism
Chamberlin, ed. Eighteenth-Century Criticism
Heine, The Romantic School and Other Essays
Humboldt, Essais aesthétiques (from Mueller-Vollmer)
Jauß, Question and Answer (excerpt)
Lovejoy, Essays in the History of Ideas (excerpt)
Novalis, Hymns to the Night
Peckham, "Toward a Theory of Romanticism"
Porter, ed., Romanticism in National Context
Stael, De L'Allemagne (in German) (excerpt)
Wellek, Concepts of Criticism (excerpt)
Wellek, Discriminations (excerpt)
Wellek, History of Modern Criticism, 2: The Romantic Age

4 Reclams (Kallias; Klassik; Romantik I & II)

Book List

*= ordered and recommended; ** = optional

-on reserve in PCL if call number given

-short list of additional reserve in German Reading Room, 4th Flr., E.P. Schoch

-except for the Reclam volumes, that short reserve is available for purchace as individual copies at IT Copy (MLK and Lavaca)


Abrams, M.H. The Correspondent Breeze [PR 457 A2 1984]

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Humboldt, Wilhelm von. *see Mueller-Vollmer

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*Schiller, Friedrich von. Über naive und sentimentalische Dichtung. Reclam 7756. Stuttgart: Reclam. [ISBN 3-15-007756-1] = Naive and Sentimental Poetry [801.9 Sch 33n UGL]

Schlegel, Friedrich. Lucinde and the Fragments. [833 Sch 37LTF (ENGLISH)]

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-Annotated Frankenstein [PR 5397 F7 1977 UGL]

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Wellek, René. Concepts of Criticism. [801.9 W458C]

Wellek, René. Discriminations. [801.9 W458D]

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*Die deutsche Literatur in Text und Darstellung, Bd. 7: Klassik. Reclam 9625. Stuttgart: Reclam. ISBN 3-15-009625-1.

*Die deutsche Literatur in Text und Darstellung, Bd. 8: Romantik I. Reclam 9629. Stuttgart: Reclam. ISBN 3-15-009629-1.

*Die deutsche Literatur in Text und Darstellung, Bd. 9: Romantik II. Reclam 9633. Stuttgart: Reclam. ISBN 3-15-009633-1.



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