Lana G. Marlow
Comments on Class

As I began my semester enrolled in GRS 390J I began with one goal in mind to complete my prospectus. I had spent the best part of a year producing plenty of pages, but no abstract. I am currently employed at Southwest Texas Junior College in Uvalde, Texas. A Small JC that serves the Texas/Mexico Border region of Texas.

Goal One: Complete Prospectus- now complete I will read my abstract so you can get a better idea about what my focus of study has been over the last four years.

Three Goals that have been met, but not intended by my part, but certainly were in the course design

My dissertation as well as the process one goes through in course development and the use of Bloom's Taxonomy with ever increasing levels of complexity in classes as well is potential areas of publication.

Overall this course has introduced theoretical and concrete examples of how to take one's dissertation and develop it into a course, a grant, a field of study, and a career. I have met my goal of completing my prospectus and have met other goals that I had not intended but were clearly defined in the course design. The Intellectual Entrepreneurship offers a unique opportunity for students to work with students from other fields and for myself I was able to make some real progress by working on taking my dissertation to the next level- written.