Bibliographic Midterm

This examination will be a short-answer take-home examination. Each short answer will require you to assess the value of or explain how to use a reference or bibliographic tool, or to describe how you perform a certain task using standard bibliographic or reference tools. THIS WILL INCLUDE PROPER MLA BIBLIOGRAPHY FORMAT.

The test will thus parallel the bibliographic assignments you have done in Part II of the course. It will be evaluated for logic, accuracy, clarity of goal, and awareness of pitfalls in doing the bibliographic and reference work.

Comprehensive Final

The comprehensive final will have several individual parts, each of which reflects the kind of examinations that you will have to do later in your programs of study, as well as the introductions to the fields in German studies, text interpretation, and bibliography/reference searches that you have practiced in the course assignments.

One section: critique a CV

One section: critique an abstract

One section: short answers

One section: make the MLA-format bibliography entry

One section: a "cold" interpretive assignment (linguistic or literary) -- students set up and exemplify a text interpretation of the sort required on most departmental examinations, but with a few twists:

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