GER 389K: Fundamentals of Scholarship

Fall, 2007 Fall, 2007 Unique 39280 EPS 4.104 TTH 9:30-11

Katherine Arens


Many are in Schoch Reading Gallery (they all were until stolen, twice -- check bookshelves to the right of door as you enter)

1. Ordered and Required

2. CLASS LIBRARY RESERVE (yes, the REAL library; if ISBN, rec for purchase)

3) CLASS RESERVE: Alphabetical list by authors

Note: To facilitate access, Texts are organized in separate folders:


Basic Clusters for terms for Wiki articles and précis assignments.
NOTE: If the following only have a title, they are on the CLASS CD -- check the class bibliography for the name of the file that contains them. If they have page numbers, they are from Adams and Searle, Critical Theory Since 1965 (ordered) or from Adams, Critical Theory Since Plato (= Adams PDF on CLASS CD).

Positivism and Geistesgeschichte (History of Ideas)

Postivism: History of Ideas/ Geistesgeschichte:

Text-Intrinsic Criticism, or "Strong Reading": New Criticism, Formalism, and Phenomenology/Hermeneutics

Linguistic Approaches. some not from linguistics departments

Marxist-Derived Criticisms and Focus on Identity Politics

5) Handouts on CD for Professional, Theory, and Bibliographic Assignments

6) For History of Fields: Other (NOT ON CD OR RESERVE)